Residential Moving

Residential moves are services which our customers move household goods from one destination to another. This could include scenarios such as a customer moving household goods from one house to another, moving their goods from our storage units to their home or vice-versa, or moving their goods from our storage units to another.

All local and intra-state moves in Pennsylvania are governed by the PUC and all moving companies in the state must follow the tariffs set forth by the PUC. Failure to abide by these tariffs could result in legal action.

Finally, E.L. Dinges Moving & Storage is licensed to perform moving services in all 48 continental states. Services could include packing or moving to and from those continental states.

Commercial Moving

Commercial moves are services which E.L. Dinges moves a company’s office supplies such as but not limited to: computers, desks, fax machines, cabinets, cases, shelves, medical carts, chairs and others.

These items are generally transported from office to office or from building to building. E.L. Dinges Moving & Storage has had the pleasure to move renowned companies such as Blair Medical Associates, Duncansville Pharmacy, Blair Plastic Surgery, Crossroads Physical Therapy and many others.

We here at E.L. Dinges Moving & Storage take great pride in the experiences shared with the local companies in Central Pennsylvania and nationally. We continue to build on the relationships with companies such as those mentioned and look forward to the many more in the future.