What about loss, damage or theft? Are my goods insured?

At no extra costs, Dinges Moving customers are offered $.60 per pound per article. If customers wish to purchase additional valuation (protection), there are two options:
Option1: (Full Replacement Value Protection) is the most comprehensive plan available for protection of your goods. When you select this option, articles that are lost, damaged or destroyed will, at the mover’s option, be either repaired, replaced with articles of like kind and quality, or a cash settlement will be made for the repairs or for replacement of the articles at their current market value, regardless of the age of the lost or damaged articles.
Under this option, you have two choices for establishing your mover’s maximum liability on your shipment:

1. You can declare a minimum value based on the weight of your shipment times the amount of $6.00 per pound, or $21,000, whichever is greater. Or…

2. You can declare a higher lump sum amount.

The cost for Option 1 is $8.50 per $1,000 of valuation.

Option2: Declared Value Protection is similar to Full Value Protection, except the age and depreciation of articles that are lost, damaged or destroyed will be considered in the claim settlement.

Under this option, you establish the mover’s maximum liability based on your assessment of the value of your shipment (no minimum applies).

The cost for Option2 is $5.00 per $1,000 of valuation.