Packing and Protection items for moving



BUBBLE WRAP is used when packing delicate items such as pictures, mirrors, or any glass goods. Bubble wrap is sold by our facility by the foot or by 3/16”x12”x150’.






ROSIN PAPER is used during a move to cover your hardwood floors. Rosin paper protects against scratches and dents in floors as well as having a moisture barrier for protection against rain or snow.






PACKING PEANUTS are a packing material commonly made out of polystyrene.
Packing peanuts get there name because they resemble an unshelled peanut is size.
They are a loose-fill packing material used with fragile items such as glass.




CARPET MASK is a tough, polyethylene film used to protect carpets during high traffic times. Carpet mask is highly resistant to tearing and puncturing, making it an invaluable item to bring for moves.






PACKING PAPER is one of the supplies that is best suited to protecting fragile possessions such as glass and dishware. Packing paper usually comes in sheets of 18 by 36 inches (45 by 91 cm) and is packed by weight. Packing paper is a highly economical way to protect fragile items, and therefore is used almost universally.




**Dinges Moving also provides Masonite for the protection of your hardwood floors against extremely heavy items, i.e. safes and pianos. **