Permanent Storage

E.L. Dinges Moving & Storage's Scotch Valley Indoor Self Storage Facility offers two types of storage. Both types of storage are climate-controlled and have 24 hour security. Security cameras completely surround the buildings inside and out to give our customers the ease of mind that their goods are in safe hands with E.L. Dinges Moving & Storage.

Potential customers of E.L. Dinges Storage Facilities have the choice of either loading and unloading their goods into storage with their own truck, or having Dinges Moving & Storage com to your home and pick up your household goods for storage.

longterm2One type of storage is more of a permanent storage for customers looking to store their household goods for a longer period of time. This type of storage has the household goods stored in 10’x10’ climate-controlled vaults in the warehouse. Price of this storage is determined by the total weight of the household goods. The stored items are padded, wrapped, and containerized into the vaults which then the vaults are stored in the warehouse. An advance notice is needed if customers would need to retrieve any belongings from the vaults. The advance would give our warehousemen time to retrieve the vaults from the warehouse then un-pad, un-wrap, and un-containerize the items for pick-up. For potential customers of E.L. Dinges permanent storage, there is a 2,000 pound weight minimum per month.